Transformative new skills that can change your life!

If you are worried that the new economy of the world is going to leave you behind and you cannot find an affordable way to get training that will upgrade your marketability then sign up today and start your journey towards becoming a highly skilled worker in today's marketplace.



Customized to Fit Your Needs

When you sign up for this beginner photoshop class. You will be hands on immediately. But more importantly we will explore the use of the program through your passions. It's important to learn through doing. And since we learn what you are passionate about first, the curriculum writes itself. We will create projects for you that customize your learning.



Books, Magazines and More, Oh my!

InDesign is the industry standard for the creation of multiple page documents. It features so many powerful tools that will allow you to create the most amazing books, magazines, presentations, postcards, you name it! Also, it is a tool to increase productivity.  learning to use Indesign will completely up your value in your job, or help you with all of your publication needs. You will learn to use the tools and the techniques that we use in the professional world of multiple page document creation.



What's a Vector, Victor?

If you're looking to create a company logo, a package design, a new t-shirt, or just create an amazing banner, sign, or any other graphic or product that is ready for mass production you'll need to know how to use this powerful tool that the professionals use. If you're into fashion this is also the program that you need to learn to get into the fashion and textile industry. Don't sleep on Illustrator! It's one of the most powerful tools in the mass communication industry.



Before there was self driving cars, there was basic coding!

We have entered a new world where technology is "literally" driving the worlds economies. It's never too late to get on the train and learn how to make your ideas come to life with some basic understanding of how coding works. How can you use a piece of code to make something go! Make a game, a puzzle, a maze! Once you grasp the basic concepts of how coding works you'll be able to apply those concepts to larger applications and solve problems that make life better for everyone!

Please get in touch to discuss the right class for you.