Online "ZOOM" Instruction of How to Use Illustrator

Online "ZOOM" Instruction of How to Use Illustrator

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Illustrator is synonymous with brand building. Every package you have seen on the shelf has been touched with this powerful tool to create eye catching graphics to launch your brand or product into the marketplace. "Vector" graphics are essential for creating graphics for screen printing, large format, and packaging.  Learn how to navigate illustrator the tool box and how to create amazing logos, infographics, how to set up your files for production.  Every Small Business Owner needs to take this course, especially if you have an online store, if you are looking to sell merchandise or want to create a label/package for your product. While this is not a certification course you'll learn what you need to learn to better your business and skills.

  • 10 - 1 Hour Sessions - Certificate of completion.

    You will engage in 10, 1-hour sessons. At your pace. Daily, or Weekly. It's up to you how quickly you want to learn or how long you need to digest the information. Once you register you will be sent a zoom link and we will create a schedule that fits yours. 


    Once you purchase your course you have until 72 hours before your first course to cancel. If you have to cancel a course you can make up later. Limit 1 make-up course. 

  • Course Information

    In this course you will learn how to create your brand, how to manipulate typography and incorporate iconography into your logo. Learn how the biggest brands were designed and how we can apply those techniques to your company logo or corporate identity system. Also, learn how to create graphics for t-shirts and other merchandise. Perfect for the musician or social influencer looking to capitalize off of there viral popularity.