Online "ZOOM" Instruction of How to Use InDesign

Online "ZOOM" Instruction of How to Use InDesign

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Indesign is the most important tool for anyone looking to publish a multi-page docuement like a book, or brochure, or magazine. In this course you will learn how to navigate the tool box and how to create amazing page layouts and presentation materials that will wow your customers and cause your competitors to envy your beautiful communcation collateral.  Every Small Business Owner needs to take this course, especially if you are a writer, a publisher or any kind or want to learn how to create beautiful presentations. While this is not a certification course you'll learn what you need to learn to better your business and skills.

  • 10 - 1 Hour Sessions - Certificate of completion.

    You will engage in 10, 1-hour sessons. At your pace. Daily, or Weekly. It's up to you how quickly you want to learn or how long you need to digest the information. Once you register you will be sent a zoom link and we will create a schedule that fits yours. 


    Once you purchase your course you have until 72 hours before your first course to cancel. If you have to cancel a course you can make up later. Limit 1 make-up course. 


    In this course you will learn how to create your multiple page documents how the big companies do it. National magazines, book publishers, and the likes. You will learn how to create new documents, how to manage style sheets, and how to use other tools to help you manage your production of your book or newpaper etc. Becuase this is a production tool, you will also learn speed of operation and how manipulate the page and typography to carry our your mission.