Attractive Young Woman

I wanted my child to learn more about coding and this was the perfect place to start. Learning on the Scratch platform was the perfect place for my child to get into the basics and become inspired to learn more. 

Angela B.


I took Mr. Bosco's graphic design course back in high school. He led us through a variety of projects with real life applications which not only taught us the software and aspects of creative design, but showed how these skills could be utilized in the real world. During college, I did a handful of creative projects (magazine covers and logos) based on what I learned in his class to put some extra money in my pocket. While my career ended up in digital analytics, the knowledge of adobe creative suite I learned in Mr. Bosco's class has come in handy on various occasions. 

Ryan H.

Elegant Female

I needed to get quicker with my production skills on for my company. Suddenly I was asked to make fliers and to make posts on social media but I didn't know where to begin. I learned photoshop and illustrator and made awesome graphics for my company pages. 

Kristen L.

Portrait of Senior Woman

As an entrepreneur, I couldn't afford to outsource my marketing. So I learned it on with the Vis+Com+Coded lessons. I was able to bring my business to life with an awesome logo, business cards, and they even were able to give me lessons on how to build my website. It was a great experience. 

Roneea B.